Case Studies

Panasonic Visual Solutions ha dimostrato il proprio valore ai clienti in tutta l’Europa. Grazie a Panasonic, i produttori di eventi liberano la propria creatività, allestendo show dal vivo ed eventi di mapping in 3D mozzafiato. Nei musei, teatri e centri espositivi le nostre straordinarie tecnologie visuali interattive sono gli strumenti ideali per coinvolgere spettatori di ogni età. I proiettori e display professionali Panasonic, a basso TCO, lavorano silenziosamente, assicurando alle organizzazioni nei settori dell’istruzione e Corporate la flessibilità necessaria per collaborare al meglio. Date un'occhiata al nostro archivio di case study scaricabili e scoprirete esattamente come, sfruttando la tecnologia Panasonic, il mondo del lavoro oggi è libero di cogliere nuovi successi.

When Lighthouse Immersive undertook the task of reimagining an immersive exhibit highlighting the works of post-impressionist Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh, their first job became finding the perfect space. Once the group made arrangements to house the exhibit in the Toronto Star building, a historic location with deep ties to the greater Toronto community, the team would begin to make plans for the next stage of the project: Designing a setup consisting of a series of projectors that would work in tandem to transform the floors and walls of the industrial space. The finished exhibit would immerse visitors into the works of Van Gogh from every angle.
Transporting visitors through a portal and into a newly reimagined visual world, Area 15 weaves together events and entertainment with art, retail, technology and design for a curated, immersive space. The complex is filled with one-of-a-kind art installations, engaging retail activations and inspiring concessions, aimed to create an indoor and outdoor space that is suited for a broad range of events.
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Awarded as Public Library of the Year, listed in TIME Magazine’s World’s Greatest Places, and winner of the AZ Award, Oodi library in Helsinki, Finland has received a number of nominations for its functional and inspiring ambience. 3 million visitors during its first year prove that there is plenty to see and do in Helsinki’s new living room: not just a library, Oodi is home to studios, editing rooms, coworking and learning spaces and a movie theatre.
Atlantis Aquarium, Panasonic and Power AV join forces to create an immersive experience that takes you to the bottom of the sea
The new museum from Omega illustrates the extraordinary success story of the world-famous watch brand.