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Information about ex Sanyo lamps

Model Name
Model Name
Parts code
Compatible Main Unit
ET-LAC100 POA-LMP143 6103513744 PLC-DWL2500, PLC-DXL2500 China Portable
ET-LAE12 POA-LMP146 6103515939 PLC-HF10000 Japan System
ET-LAE16 POA-LMP147 6103509051 PLC-HF15000 Japan System
ET-LAT100 POA-LMP141 6103490847 PLC-WL2500A, PLC-WL2503A China Portable
ET-LAV100 POA-LMP148 6103527949 PLC-XU4000 China Portable
ET-LAV100 POA-LMP150 6103576336 PLC-XU4001, PLC-WU3001 China Portable
ET-SLMP14 PLC-LMP14 6102658828 PLC-5600E, PLC-5605E, PLC-8800E, PLC-8805E, PLC-8810E, PLC-8815E, PLC-XR70E Japan Portable
ET-SLMP15M POA-LMP15M 6102907698 PLC-EF10, PLC-9000E, PLC-9000EA, PLC-9005EA, PLC-9005E, PLC-9005EL Japan System
ET-SLMP18 POA-LMP18J 6102795417 PLC-XP10EA Japan Installation
ET-SLMP21 POA-LMP21J 6102806939 PLC-XU20E Japan Portable
ET-SLMP24 POA-LMP24 6102822755 PLC-XP21 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP26A POA-LMP26A 6102983135 PLC-EF10EA, PLC-EF10EAL, PLC-XF10E, PLC-XF12E, PLC-EF12E Japan System
ET-SLMP27 POA-LMP27 6102875379 PLC-SU07E, PLC-SU10E, PLC-SU15E, PLC-XU10E Japan Portable
ET-SLMP28 POA-LMP28 6102854824 PLC-XP30, PLC-XP30E, PLV-60 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP29 POA-LMP29 6102844627 PLC-XF20E Japan System
ET-SLMP35 POA-LMP35 6102932751 PLC-SU30, PLC-SU31, PLC-SU32, PLC-XU30, PLC-XU31, PLC-XU32, PLC-XU33, PLC-XU35, PLC-XU37, PLC-XU38 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP36 POA-LMP36 6102938210 PLC-SW20,PLC-XW20 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP37 POA-LMP37 6102955712 PLC-SW20, PLC-SW20A Japan Portable
ET-SLMP39 POA-LMP39 6102924848 PLC-EF30, PLC-XF30, PLC-EF31, PLC-XF31 Japan System
ET-SLMP42 POA-LMP42 6102924831 PLC-UF10, PLC-XF30, PLC-EF31, PLC-XF31 Japan System
ET-SLMP47 POA-LMP47 6102973891 PLC-XP46 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP48 POA-LMP48 6103017167 PLC-XT15 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP49 POA-LMP49 6103000862 PLC-UF15, PLC-XF42, PLC-XF45 Japan System
ET-SLMP51 POA-LMP51 6103007267 PLC-XW20A, PLC-XW20AR Japan Portable
ET-SLMP52 POA-LMP52 6103016047 PLC-XF35 Japan System
ET-SLMP53 POA-LMP53 6103035826 PLC-XU40 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP54 POA-LMP54 6103025933 PLV-Z1, PLV-Z1B Japan Portable
ET-SLMP55 POA-LMP55 6103092706 PLC-XL20, PLC-XU47, PLC-XU48, PLC-XU50, PLC-XU51, PLC-XU55, PLC-XU58 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP56 POA-LMP56 6103058801 PLC-XU46 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP57 POA-LMP57 6103083117 PLC-SW30 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP59 POA-LMP59 6103055602 PLC-XT10, PLC-XT10A, PLC-XT11, PLC-XT15, PLC-XT15A, PLC-XT16 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP65 POA-LMP65 6103077925 PLC-SL20, PLC-SU50, PLC-XU50S, PLC-SU51, PLC-XL20, PLC-XU50, PLC-XU55, PLC-XU56 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP66 POA-LMP66 6103110486 PLE-SE20,SE20A Japan Portable
ET-SLMP67 POA-LMP67 6103065977 PLC-XP55 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP68 POA-LMP68 6103081786 PLC-XC10 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP69 POA-LMP69 6103097589 PLV-Z2 Japan Home
ET-SLMP72 POA-LMP72 6103051130 PLC-HD10 Japan System
ET-SLMP73 POA-LMP73 6103093802 PLV-WF10, PLC-WF10, PLV-WF10-R Japan Installation
ET-SLMP79 POA-LMP79 6103155647 PLC-XU41 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP80 POA-LMP80 6103157689 PLC-XF60 Japan System
ET-SLMP81 POA-LMP81 6103149127 PLC-XP56, PLC-XP51 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP86 POA-LMP86 6103175355 PLV-Z3 Japan Home
ET-SLMP87 POA-LMP87 6103184821 PLC-XP41L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP91 POA-LMP91 6103213804 PLC-SW35 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP93 POA-LMP93 6103230719 PLC-XU70 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP94 POA-LMP94 6103235998 PLV-Z4, PLV-Z5, PLV-Z60 Japan Home
ET-SLMP95 POA-LMP95 6103235394 PLV-HD150 Japan System
ET-SLMP98 POA-LMP98 6103252957 PLV-80 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP99 POA-LMP99 6103252940 PLC-XP40L,PLC-XP45L,PLV-70L,PLV-75L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP100 POA-LMP100 6103274928 PLC-XF46, PLV-HD2000E Japan System
ET-SLMP101 POA-LMP101 6103287362 PLC-XP57 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP102 POA-LMP102 6103286549 PLC-XE31 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP103 POA-LMP103 6103316345 PLC-XU100, PLC-XU110 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP104 POA-LMP104 6103370262 PLC-XF70 Japan System
ET-SLMP105 POA-LMP105 6103307329 PLC-XT20, PLC-XT25 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP106 POA-LMP106 6103323855 PLC-WXE45, PLC-WXE46, PLC-WXE46A, PLC-WXL46, PLC-WXL46A, PLC-XE45, PLC-XL45, PLC-XU74 China Portable
ET-SLMP107 POA-LMP107 6103304564 PLC-XW50, PLC-XW55 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP108 POA-LMP108 6103342788 PLC-XP100L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP109 POA-LMP109 6103346267 PLC-XF47 Japan System
ET-SLMP111 POA-LMP111 6103339740 PLC-WXU30, PLC-WXU30A, PLC-WXU3ST, PLC-WXU700A, PLC-XU101, PLC-XU105, PLC-XU106, PLC-XU111, PLC-XU115, PLC-XU116, PLC-WXU3800 China Portable
ET-SLMP113 POA-LMP113 6103360362 PLC-WXU10 Japan Portable
ET-SLMP115 POA-LMP115 6103349565 PLC-XU75, PLC-XU78, PLC-XU88 China Portable
ET-SLMP116 POA-LMP116 6103358093 PLC-ET30L, PLC-XT35, PLC-XT35L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP117 POA-LMP117 6103358406 PDG-DXT10L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP121 POA-LMP121 6103379937 PLC-XE50, PLC-XL50, PLC-XL51, PLC-XL51A Japan Short throw
ET-SLMP122 POA-LMP122 6103400341 PLC-XW57 China Portable
ET-SLMP123 POA-LMP123 6103391700 PLC-XW60 China Portable
ET-SLMP124 POA-LMP124 6103411941 PLC-XP200L Japan Installation
ET-SLMP125 POA-LMP125 6103422626 PLC-WTC500L, PLC-XTC50AL, PLC-XC55A, PLC-XC56 Japan Installation
ET-SLMP127 POA-LMP127 6103398600 PLC-XC56 China Portable
ET-SLMP128 POA-LMP128 6103419497 PLC-XF71, PLC-XF1000 Japan System
ET-SLMP129 POA-LMP129 6103417493 PLC-XW65 China Portable
ET-SLMP130 POA-LMP130 6103435336 PDG-DET100L, PDG-DHT100L Japan System
ET-SLMP131 POA-LMP131 6103432069 PLC-XU301A, XU305A, XU350A, XU355A, WXU300 China Portable
ET-SLMP132 POA-LMP132 6103452456 PLC-XW200, PLC-XW250 China Portable
ET-SLMP135 POA-LMP135 6103445120 PLV-Z2000, PLV-Z3000, PLV-Z4000, PLV-Z700, PLV-Z800 Japan Home
ET-SLMP136 POA-LMP136 6103469607 PLC-XM150L, PLC-XW5500L, PLC-ZM5000L China Installation
ET-SLMP137 POA-LMP137 6103475158 PLC-XM100L, PLC-XW4500L China Installation
ET-SLMP139 POA-LMP139 6103478791 PLCXL50A Japan Short throw
ET-SLMP142 POA-LMP142 6103497518 PLC-XD2200, PLC-XD2600, PLC-XK2200, PLC-XK2600, PLC-XK3010, PLC-XE34, PLC-WK2500 China Portable
ET-SLMP145 POA-LMP145 6103506814 PDG-DHT8000L Japan System
ET-SLMP149 POA-LMP149 6103570464 PLC-HP7000L Japan Installation



Options for ex SANYO products

Model Name
Model Name
Compatible Main Unit
ET-SS04 LNS-S04 PLC-HF15000L,PLC-HF10000L Japan Lens
ET-SM02 LNS-M02 PLC-HF15000L,PLC-HF10000L,PLC-XF47A,PLC-XF47 Japan Lens
ET-SW05 LNS-W05 PLV-WF20 Japan Lens
ET-SW07 LNS-W07 PLV-WF20 Japan Lens
ET-SW33 LNS-W33 PLC-HP7000L Japan Lens
ET-SW34 LNS-W34 PLC-HP7000L Japan Lens
ET-SS32 LNS-S32 PLC-HP7000L Japan Lens
ET-ST32 LNS-T32 PLC-HP7000L,PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-ST33 LNS-T33 PLC-HP7000L,PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-ST34 LNS-T34 PLC-HP7000L Japan Lens
ET-SW32E LNS-W32E PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-SW31A LNS-W31A PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-SS31 LNS-S31 PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-ST31A LNS-T31A PLC-XP200L,PLC-XP100L Japan Lens
ET-SS20 LNS-S20 PLCZM5000L.PLC-WM5500/4500L,PLC-XM150/100L Japan Lens
ET-SW52 LNS-W52 PDG-DHT8000L,PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L Japan Lens
ET-SW53 LNS-W53 PDG-DHT8000L,PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L Japan Lens
ET-SS51 LNS-S51 PDG-DHT8000L,PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L Japan Lens
ET-ST50 LNS-T50 PDG-DHT8000L,PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L Japan Lens
ET-ST51 LNS-T51 PDG-DHT8000L,PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L Japan Lens
ET-SSR160 POA-SR-160 PLC-HF15000L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Smoke Cut Filter Cartrige
ET-SFYL063 POA-FIL-063 PLC-XC56,PLC-XC55,PLC-XC50 (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL080 POA-FIL-080 PLC-ZM5000L.PLC-WM5500L,PLC-XM150/100L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL081 POA-FIL-081 PLC-WM4500L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL090 POA-FIL-090 PDG-DHT8000L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL100 POA-FIL-100 PLC-XTC50l,PLC-WTC500L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL131 POA-FIL-131 PLC-XP100L,PLC-XP200L.PDG-DHT100L,PDG-DET100L (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SFYL180 POA-FIL-180 PLC-WF20,PLC-XF71 (For Sanyo Models Only) Japan Filter
ET-SA22SDYDL POA-AMD22SDIDL PLC-HF15000L,PLC-HF10000L Japan Interface board
ET-SA23ADYA POA-AMD23ADI-A PLC-HF15000L,PLC-HF10000L,PLC-XF47A,PDG-DHT8000L Japan Interface board
ET-SA25VD3A POA-AMD25VD3-A PLC-HF15000L,PLC-HF10000L,PLC-XF47A,PDG-DHT8000L Japan Interface board
ET-SA27NETA POA-AMD27NET-A PLC-XF47A Japan Interface board
ET-S16VD1 POA-MD16VD1 PLV-WF20,PLC-XF47,PLC-XF1000,PLC-XF71,PDG-DET100L Japan Interface board
ET-S17SDYD POA-MD17SDID PLV-WF20,PLC-XF47,PLC-XF1000,PLC-XF71,PDG-DET100L Japan Interface board
ET-S18DVY POA-MD18DVI PLV-WF20,PLC-XF47,PLC-XF1000,PLC-XF71,PDG-DET100L Japan Interface board
ET-S23ADY POA-MD23ADI PLV-WF20,PLC-XF47,PLC-XF1000,PLC-XF71,PDG-DET100L Japan Interface board
ET-SCACMPVGA POA-CA-COMPVGA D-sub15-component Cable Japan Others
ET-SLNA01 POA-LNA-01 Lens attatchment for LNS-W01, 03, S02, S03 and T01 Japan Others
ET-SLNA02 POA-LNA-02 Lens attatchment for LNS-W02, W02KS, M01 and S01 Japan Others
ET-SLNA03 POA-LNA-03 Lens attatchment for LNS-W31A,T31A and W32 Japan Others