Case Studies

See how Panasonic’s Security Solutions have been employed across the CCTV and Video Surveillance industry. Read and download our latest case studies below.

Categoria: CCTV
Settore: Europe, Leisure, Amusement & Theme Parks
Three Panasonic security cameras were used to live stream shark and fish tanks at the Haus des Meeres aquarium in Vienna.
Categoria: CCTV
Settore: Europe, Public Sector & Institutions, Government
TCA, security provider to North Lanarkshire District Council, implements Panasonic CCTV across the borough’s urban spaces
Categoria: CCTV
Settore: Europe
Panasonic Business has been working with Nigloland since 2011. The park has built a long-term partnership with Panasonic which provides them with robust, flexible and extremely secure solutions.
Categoria: CCTV
Settore: Europe, Transport & Logistics
Galliker Transport & Logistics uses 500 Panasonic video surveillance cameras throughout the company's 18 branches.
Categoria: CCTV
Settore: Retail, Retail Outlets, Department Stores, Retail Outlets, Chain Stores & Other Retail, Supermarkets
Di recente Inter Chalet ha implementato il suo sistema di sorveglianza Panasonic, realizzando una soluzione di sicurezza completa per il monitoraggio e la riduzione dei furti, oltre alla raccolta di dati dei visitatori per le analisi di marketing.